Why Medical Marijuana Beverages are better than Edibles?

 What are medical marijuana beverages or weed drinks?

Weed drinks are tinctures or alcohol based beverages that consist of a dissolved drug inside it. Tinctures have many benefits like helping skin fissures or acting like a disinfectant. These medical marijuana beverages have a longer shelf life. Many tinctures are used orally; some prefer to apply it externally. Many weed drinks have an established theory. They were entailed in Americans, Australians, and British Pharmacopoeias within the last century, however has now been outcast from 70 years because of their psychoactive effects. These beverages are also referred to as green dragon, dragon’s breath or golden dragon.

How are they better than edibles?

Edibles are the best way to medicate oneself. They are available in doses and types. While it is the best way to get your daily dose, they also have a few cons. It takes a while to kick in. And once they do, the high can sometimes be too intense, especially if you are a newbie. The intensity of an edible high is because of the conversion of THC to a more psychoactive 11 hydroxy THC.

We have listed a few reasons to why they are better than the edibles.

  1. You get a faster high

Many times it takes more than 30 minutes to experience the high when having marijuana brownies. This is because it is dependent on the factors like metabolism, genetics and your digestive tract status. The slow high can be frustrating for the patients seeking fast relief. Infused drinks are the best. First, they are liquids, beverages make the food more digestible quickly and compounds like THC or CBD is easily sucked away into the bloodstream. It may take half an hour to two hours to feel the effects of solid edible. The only con with weed drinks is, the effects aren’t as prolonged as the edible.

  1. It makes the dosage easier

Apart from faster absorption with weed drinks, a tiny amount of THC is needed to feel the effects users love to seek from cannabis. Oral cannabis is the hardest way for a human body to process the herb. Capsules and infused stuff usually have higher dosage of THC or CBD than a dried flower. When these stuff give a stronger experience, you have to consume more to have a longer feel. Higher dosage of THC can be a tad bit overwhelming for the newbies who aren’t used to it. Sometimes it is too much to handle. Smaller doses let people enjoy weed drinks in a single setting. This means better dosage and high.

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