Why it makes sense to choose Salted Capers by Giannetti

Many of us may not be aware of salted capers. Actually capers are often seen in many food items and they are used as a common ingredients. But it is quite likely that not many of us would be able to understand and comprehend as to what exactly they are. They may look green in color and could be pea-sized. They are used across many cuisines. Though there are different types of salted capers, there are a few brands and makes that stand apart from the crowd. One such brand is salted capers by Giannetti. If you try out a few Mediterranean dishes, it is quite possible that you will find the use of salted capers quite generously. A few such dishes that come to the mind are spaghetti puttanesca, chicken piccata and a few more from Italy. As far as France is concerned, you can find the use of salted capers in Salade Nicoise. They are capable of offering a pungent, salty and vinegary addition to your recipes. Would it not be interesting to know more about the much talked-about salted capers?

What exactly are Capers?

If you buy salted caper by Giannetti, you are referring to flower buds that are pickled. They are basically picked from a bush that resembles more like a shrub. It is known by the biological name Capparis Spinosa. They are picked as buds and it is done much before the buds start turning into flower. The capers go through a number of processes. For example, they are dried in the sun and once they are dry they are brined and eventually packed in salt. When you buy these salted capers for use in your home, it would be a good idea to ensure that they are rinsed first. This will help in removing excess salt and brine that is used during the processing of capers into the final product.

At times they are also allowed to become flower and they reach the size of an olive once they are flowered. They are sold separately as caper berries and are also brined. They are eaten as olives or pickles. It is also used commonly in any antipasti platter.

They Have Been Around For Many Years

Quality capers especially the ones that come out from the stables of Giannetti and a few others are not new as far as culinary usage is concerned. They have been around for many centuries. Today, capers are also grown in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Turkey, South Europe and California in the USA. However, there is no doubt that the ones that are used by the likes of Giannetti are of course much better in terms of quality and taste.

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