Why I love Rokah Coffee Club

I have always wanted to get one of those coffee club subscriptions. There are a lot of them now but I have an eye for perfection so I looked further and finally found the best coffee club in LA. I am so happy with my coffee club subscription, it’s called Rokah Coffee Club. I just feel that my life is in order because of the people behind Rokah Coffee Club. Every morning, I don’t have to trouble myself to drop by one of those big chain coffee shops who keep selling coffee with questionable quality. The reason why I said that is coffee beans only stay fresh for about two to three weeks. Anything after that they lose their authentic flavor and become stale. In my case, I don’t need to worry about my coffee beans going stale.

My coffee club subscription gives me a lot of reasons not to worry about anything. They get their coffee beans from specialty roasters in LA and they are guaranteed fresh as they roast their coffee beans sometimes every day. Every first of each month, Rokah have a coffee monthly box delivered to my address. All the things I could think of every single time it arrives is how fortunate I am to actually have something special given to me. My friends who used to come over rarely in the last couple of years is currently visiting again today for the third time this week. It’s not because they miss me, it’s mainly because they want to have a taste of that awesome coffee beans that was delivered to me this month. They can’t get enough of it. The best part is I am running out but, there is a big but about this. I am running out but it’s totally fine because we know where to get it. The coffee monthly box also comes in with a card that has a back story of the coffee roastery that Rokah Coffee Club featured this month.

In January, they have Cognoscenti Coffee. So we headed to Fashion District to see Cognoscenti Coffee roastery to try other variations of that chocolatey and nutty flavor. One thing we are excited about is to get more of their Ceiba Huehuetenango Guatemala. I was told they highly recommend it as a pour over and I never look back. I always look for the best quality coffee beans. Rokah Coffee Club is simply the best because they easily help me discover local coffee. The most thoughtful thing that Rokah does is sending the coffee monthly box. Apart from letting you taste the specialty coffee that they feature each month, they point you to the right places where you find the best coffee shops in LA.

Imagine a team going around Los Angeles to curate the best coffee shops in LA. It’s unbelievable but Rokah definitely made it happen for their love for their members and to support local coffee roastery companies in LA. Things will never be the same for me since I got Rokah. My life is something I can compare to having my very own barista at home. I see myself in my apartment relaxing on a Sunday morning, drinking my coffee and planning my week wearing a smile of complete coffee satisfaction. Imagine that, perfect isn’t it? That’s what I have now, and it’s the reason why I love Rokah Coffee Club. They simply turned my life around.

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