Why Buy a Hurom Juicer?

Commercial juices are sold far too expensively to consume as much as is necessary. It is necessary to avoid commercial juices as much as possible for your well-being and to proceed differently: using, for example, a juice extractor that will allow you to make good home-made juices as soon as you want.

The benefits of homemade juices

Economic: Do not consume the bricks of fruit or vegetable juices offered in the trade, besides making an ecological gesture because you will not generate tens of kilos of waste, you will make big savings in your budget.

Good for your health: the health benefits of homemade juice with are also undeniable. There were no more sugars, preservatives and coloring added to some juices. Finished bland products after treatments for stabilization or flash-pasteurization. With a juice-making device, you’ll get a good fresh juice, homemade and 100 percent natural, quickly and every day. What keeps your fruits, vegetables, and herbs nutrients intact because they are freshly pressed and will not have time to undergo the oxidation that affects vitamin C.

Variety of tastes: for herbal recipes (or fruits and vegetables) you can enjoy the extractor’s freedom to enjoy many foods and try new recipes. You can make mixtures of fruits, herbs such as wheat or barley and vegetables or try to make delicious rare juices such as passion fruit added to apple and carrot. With good energizing and natural cocktails, you will be able to diversify the tastes and impress your family.

How to make the most of the virtues of these juices

There are various techniques to make juices. You can do them manually with a simple juicer (or squeezer), but then you will be confined to citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. Because if you try to make a pomegranate juice with a juicer, plan time, at least a good day or two, if not your holiday week.

Rather than doing everything manually, machines will save you time. You can use a traditional grinder, blender or centrifuge, but if you really want to keep all the aromas and nutrients of your vegetables and fruits, you have to opt for a juice extractor that is truly adapted to these preparations. Because, unlike conventional juicers, a juicer will allow you to keep your drink for a longer time and get much better performance. It should not be forgotten that this device will allow you in addition to making many preparations such as fruit sorbets, vegetable purées, and herbal juices.

How to choose your juice extractor

There are several types of juice making equipment: the manual juice extractor (mechanical) and the automatic (electric). The manual mode is suitable for occasional consumption for a single person or a couple to occasionally prepare a carrot or barley juice or to extract juices for sauces.

Very easy to use, it will also be very practical when traveling on vacation for example. However, it requires a manual action that can sometimes be long and painful, especially if you suffer from fatigue of the arms or carpal tunnel. Since you regularly consume juice, and you have several people to provide drink for, you have every interest in investing in automatic Hurom Juicers Canada model. Although it’s more expensive, it will make your life easier and allow you more performance.

The differences between machines can also be found in the various extractor options. All of them make it possible to press for the recovery of the juice and the active ingredients of fruits and vegetables, but some are multifunctional and allow you to mill in tender puree, to grind vegetables with long fibers (cabbages, cereals) or to make blends if you make juices with different ingredients. Points to consider if you want to use these juice machines to make herbal juices, baby food, frozen desserts or even pasta.

Make a list of your needs and desires before buying a juicer. This will allow you to ensure that the machine you choose is tailored to your needs and the time you need to maintain it and make sure you make the right choice. If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact a Hurom Juicers Canada specialist. We will give you our free opinion and all the answers to your questions so that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

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