What is a Berkey Water System?

Access to safe drinking water across the world varies. There are millions of people in under-developed countries that still have to collect water from wells or rivers for their daily needs. Other communities only have one community tap for hundreds of people.

In the rest of the world, people have access to drinking water from plenty of taps within their homes and gardens. Unfortunately, the quality of our drinking water is consistently dropping, despite sanitation systems, since it now contains far more contaminants and chemicals than ever before.

Even in developed countries, there are still inaccessible rural areas and mountain cabins where people rely on rainwater or well water which often contains particles, bacteria and contaminants.

How the Berkey Water System Works

Everyone in the world today deserves to have access to safe drinking water and the Berkey Water System was developed to filter both treated and untreated water.

The system uses the natural force of gravity to push the unfiltered water through its upper chamber, past two – or more filters if desired – to the bottom chamber. The water is then ready and easily to dispense through a spigot located in the bottom chamber. The system does not need electricity or any type of special plumbing installation to work.

Who can benefit from a Berkey Water System?

This is such a versatile system that it can literally be taken everywhere. They are available in varying sizes that are all portable and can sit on counter tops in homes and fit perfectly in camper vehicles.

Besides having a Berkey Water System sitting on your counter at home, you will be able to take it with you on fishing, boating, canoeing, and camping trips.

If you travel to foreign countries because of work or even leisure, the Berkey Water System is much easier and lighter to take with you than carrying bottled water.

Natural disasters can often cut off whole areas from receiving help, food and water for days at a time. The one essential that nobody can live without is water and during any emergency it may take rescue workers some time to get to you and your family. The Berkey is the perfect filter to have in your home to ensure that during any type of emergency situation you will at least not have to worry about access to safe drinking water. Many people keep one spare with filters in their survival kit.

What the Berkey Water System actually removes from water?

Firstly, the Berkey Water System can filter any water; even stagnant pond water can become potable and clean after it has been filtered through a Berkey.

That means that any sediment and other floating particles will remain behind after filtration. It also removes parasites, chemicals (fluoride and arsenic included), cysts, bacteria and impurities.

Lastly, the Berkey filter DOES NOT remove any minerals from the water. That way the water will be sparkle clean, odor free and great tasting, while also giving you all the essential minerals that you require from it.

Ease of use

One of the greatest advantages of the Berkey Water System is that it is economical to maintain. After the initial purchase, the systems filters can each filter up to 3,000 gallons of water. If a household uses 10 gallons per week, then one filter could last just over 10 years, saving you money and the trouble of having to remember to make regular filter purchases.

The water system hardly needs any maintenance. The two chambers are easy to clean and the filters can be washed once in a while under running water with a kitchen sponge. Under normal conditions, the filters will only need to be washed about once or twice a year, otherwise if used with well, river or dam water they will need to be washed more often. You will notice that the filters are taking longer to pass the water through the system.

When the filters need replacing it will once again also be easy for you to spot. Filtration will take much longer than usual, even after they have just been maintained.

In Conclusion

There is no reason for you to worry about the quality of the drinking water in your area. Whether you have access to tap water, travel extensively or live in a rural cabin in a forest, with the Berkey Water Filtration System you will know that you can drink all your daily water needs safely and economically.

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