Ways to Cook Duck Breast

Many people love to serve their family with a whole roast duck as it looks beautiful on the table and is satisfying to eat. Others opt for the foie gras as a rich man’s food. For many, a delicious seared and crispy-skinned duck breast is one of the true luxuries of eating.

Duck is a versatile type of meat; however, it can be tricky to cook. However, once you try cooking it once, you would love to do it again and again. Preparing this poultry is actually easy, no matter the cut you choose. It comes down to rendering off the fat and getting the skin crisp.

This article focuses on preparing and cooking duck breasts:

Sautéing Duck Breasts

Sautéing duck breasts is not the same as sautéing other meat. You will need to begin with a cold pan and low heat. And you must not coat the pan with oil. Also, you must cut a cross-hatch pattern into the skin and allow the fat to render out. Once you know how it is done, you will find this process easy.

Because there are different types of duck, you can find different duck breasts. Most people opt for Moulard. This 12-14-ounce beast is generally aged and has a rich taste. Other popular options are the Muscovy and Pekin. Pekin is the easiest to find and is quite delicious. You can find an easy duck recipe for the family online, no matter how you want to cook your meat.

Roasting Duck Breasts

Browning the duck breast takes time so you must be patient. Put the meat skin-side down in a cold pan and put the pan over low to medium heat. When the fat starts to render, slowly increase the heat to medium. Usually, the skin of the meat will adhere to the pan. You can just gently lift the breasts and set the edge back down. Make sure to collect the rendered fat and save it. Strain the fat into a jar and place it in a fridge until you want to sauté some potatoes with parsley and garlic.

As with steak, duck breast must be cooked one temperature below where you want to eat it. Then, it has to be rewarmed to your desired temperature. Some duck may be a bit too chewy for your taste; however, a perfect medium-rare/medium will amaze you after your first bite. This is the reason a lot of people consider duck as the new steak.

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