Top Tips To Help You Plan The Best Cocktail Party Ever.

If you have not had a party in some time to get you and your friends together to enjoy some tasty cocktails, then now seems to be the perfect time for that. Wanting to organise the best Australian cocktail party ever and being able to do it are two completely separate things and it’s going to take a little bit of research and lots of effort and time on your part to make it all work. The drinks that you offer is incredibly important and you have to remember that not everyone out there is a beer drinker and many other people love to have a cocktail or three.

One way to really liven up any cocktail party is to incorporate citrus gin into all of your concoctions because this will add some much-needed zest and flavour to any drink. You should also make sure that there is lots of food on offer and the tunes that you’re going to play will suit all who attend. If you would like some much-needed top tips to help you plan the best cocktail party ever then the following might just prove to be invaluable.

  • Create your own signature cocktail – This is the one way that will make your party stand out from the many others that your friends have had because you can create any kind of cocktail using gin is the main ingredient. There are so many different flavours of gin out there like citrus and other flavours.
  • Provide the right finger food – When it comes to cocktails, any kind of finger food will do as long as Sir is lots of it. Some cheese is always a good idea as well as cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and some small-cut sandwiches.
  • Provide plenty of ice – This is something that you definitely cannot afford to run out of and so make sure you have lots of ice available so that you can create many different cocktails and keep your guests happy. If your budget allows it, it might be a good idea to rent yourself a commercial ice machine just for the occasion.
  • Set a theme for your party – It is entirely up to you what the theme of your party is and it could be a dress party or something a little bit simpler. It could be quite minimalistic or it could be about the general theme that seems to be quite important at that time.
  • Try to keep everything simple – It’s likely that you will want to do everything by yourself but it’s always good to call on your friends to help you out especially when you are making cocktails for your guests. Have friends take care of the music and make sure other friends are topping up drinks and providing essential garnishes.

If you follow the above five pieces of advice then there’s no reason why your cocktail party here in Australia shouldn’t go off without any hitches and it will be a cocktail party that everyone will be talking about for many years to come.

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