Top 5 Indian Dishes That You Need To Try Right Now!

Many spices, rare aromas, flavorsome dishes – Indian cuisine is anything but ordinary. In fact, every state in India has its own signature dishes, and there are Indian restaurants all over the US that bring the flavors straight to your plate. It is almost impossible to pick the best of all, but if you have never tasted Indian dishes, we recommend that you try these five awesome ones.

Tandoori chicken

If you are not a fan of curries and gravies, tandoori chicken is easily the ideal pick at any Indian restaurant. The chicken is marinated overnight and slow cooked in a clay oven called the Tandoor. Full of flavors, this dish is not high on spiciness either, although you can taste each spice. There are varied kinds of tandoor recipes, but the basic one is a classic and is a staple of most Indian restaurants.

Chicken curry

The traditional Indian chicken curry can be different in most states, but typically, it is a mix of onions, ginger, garlic and tomatoes that are slow cooked with the chicken with a dash of Indian spices. If you are at an Indian restaurant, we recommend that you mention about the spice level you want, because the traditional chicken curry can be hot by western standards. Goes well with steamed rice or Indian bread called the roti!


Biryani is a unique mix of spices with rice, and you can go for a wide range of options – right from mutton and chicken to egg biryani and even paneer biryani. Biryani is a wholesome meal in itself and is made with a special kind of rice. Biryani is usually served with a yogurt dip called the “Raita” or can be combined with other gravies – An absolute delight!

Palak paneer

If you are a vegetarian, Palak Paneer is one recipe you need to try. This one contains spinach and homemade cottage cheese that’s cooked in a tomato or onion gravy. A perfect food choice for anyone who prefers mild spices.

Butter chicken

Don’t believe anyone who says that butter chicken is same everywhere in India or is similar to chicken curry. In fact, Indian butter chicken is unlike anything you have tasted before. Besides the obvious taste of butter, the gravy is silky in nature and is usually made of tomatoes and onions.

Check online now to find Indian restaurants near you and try some of these items!

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