Tips to Select A Pizza Topping That Expresses Eaters Personality Qualities

Pizza is popular all around the world. The best aspect about pizza is that you get limitless topping options. Sometimes it is hard to select a pizza with right combination and toppings from the menu.

Possible combinations

  • Meat, seafood, and vegetarian pizza
  • Mix unusual combination and toppings to show your unique taste
  • Use shrimp, clam or egg
  • Combine candy flavored or highly spiced toppings
  • Modify pizza with mouth-watering cheese

Select a tasty crust

Before indulging keep an eye on calories. It will help to consider the kind of crust you wish for.

  • Thin crust is prepared with high-gluten flour
  • Regional pizza style is made from bread flour in oil pans. It contains sweet sauce and mixture of cheddar or mozzarella or provolone
  • Thin flat bread pizza is grilled
  • Chicago style pizza gets prepared in deep dish pan

Check out the toppings

Use your creativity to blend a special treat combining 4 or 5 of the given ingredients in your wicked cheesy pizza. Below is a list of taste that blend nicely.

  • Anchovies: Mozzarella, olives, chilli, pepperoni, mushrooms, capers
  • Chicken: Chilli, pineapple, feta, sundried tomato, pesto, spinach
  • Pepperoni: Chilli, roasted peppers, asparagus, pesto, pineapple, salami, extra cheese
  • Tuna: Mushrooms, prawns, sweet corn, cheddar, pineapple, red onion, seafood
  • Barbeque sauce: Chicken, mushrooms, pineapple, bacon, extra cheese
  • Spinach: goat’s cheese, egg, roasted pepper, feta, sundried tomato, onion.

Visualize your order

Before placing an order visualize what you will get. If it does not whet your appetite then make a quick tweak. You may have made several conflicting flavors.

Liven the pizza

If you are paying for 4 toppings then include ingredients that blend with anything like red onion, black olives, extra cheese, and cherry tomatoes.

Some pizza options that express pizza-eaters personality traits

When people order –

Plain pizza – No fancy toppings, just sauce and cheese. It looks boring and can be seen as someone indecisive unable to decide any toppings.

Anchovy’s pizza – Ordering Anchovies holding tiny and salty fish that majority of people dislike displays a crazy level of boldness and obstinacy.

Hawaiian pizza – Ham and pineapple makes ideal sweet-savory combination. The person is self-confident and relaxed ready to enjoy a strange favorite.

Mushroom pizza – The person enjoys simple and earthy things, are open and easy to talk.

Pepperoni pizza – Classic pepperoni pizza is enjoyed by a person who is fun, easy-going and caring.

Sausage & pepper pizza – Complete opposite but both complement one another perfectly. The person ordering this enjoys a balanced life and is receptive to new insights, ideas, and thoughts.

Choose any pizza topping but make sure you enjoy eating it!

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