Things Every Barbecue Enthusiast Must Know About Built-In Barbecue Pits

While you can certainly buy a simple and portable barbecue grill, there is just something fascinating about having a built-in barbecue grill. These structures not only enhance the overall look of your patio but also become a perfect focal point of any outdoor gathering. Also, don’t forget, they are extremely durable and weather resistant.

Furthermore, building a simple barbecue pic is an easy job. In fact, with the right type of tools, materials, and skills, you can have a built-in barbecue pit ready over just one weekend.

Well, no matter whether you want to work on your custom BBQ pits in Las Vegas on your own or want to hire a pro, knowing a few things about them will definitely make the process easier. So, here is everything you must know…

Structure of a simple brick built-in barbecue pit

  • Firebox: For extra heat retention, you must line the inner wall of the barbecue pit with fire brick, widely known as – refractory brick.
  • Grill grate: They can be supported by brick ledges or iron angles. Its best to install the ones made from stainless steel or a porcelain coated rustproof one.
  • Base: Over a 3 to 4 inches thick tamped crushed stone base make a 3 to 4 inches thick pad of fiber covered concrete.
  • Brick wall: Once the base is ready, walls are built with stretcher and header borders.
  • Ashpan: 7 to 15 inches below the cooking surface place an ash pan. This will hold the fuel as well as make the ash removal process easy.

Important decisions about built in barbecue pit

How much should it cost? – The most basic type of concrete barbecue pit of the size – 24″W x 24″ D x 30″H on a 4 inches concrete pad should cost about $500. However, the prices can go high as per the material and style.

Should I DIY or hire a professional? – If you have basic bricklaying skills, a solid back, and some good friends to help you out, you can DIY. Nevertheless, if you aren’t sure about it, hiring a pro is the best idea.

Where should I construct it? – To find the perfect spot to construct a barbecue pit, it is crucial to understand wind directions. You want to construct it from where the smoke will blow away.

What about maintenance?

  • Brush the hot grill grates to prevent food and bacteria buildup.
  • Once they are cooled, spray some vegetable oil on them to prevent rusting.
  • Make sure to dispose of cold ash to prevent excess smoke and bad flavors.

Lastly, before constructing a built-in barbecue pit, it is advised that you check with local codes and regulations concerning open flames. So, that is it. That was everything you need to know about barbecue pits.

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