The Many Benefits of Motorcycle Touring

You might have noticed the increasing number of big bikes on the roads of Australia and with such a great climate, there’s nowhere better to switch to two wheels and explore the country. Even if you live in a city, you are never far from the great natural wilderness if you are the proud owner of a superbike, and those long bank holiday weekends are perfect for some two-wheel adventure.

Experience New Places & People

We all need a little adventure in our lives and saddling up your Honda 750 with your camping gear is a great idea. You could use the Internet to plan your expeditions and by sunrise, you are drinking coffee in a café on the Central Coast, ready for your adventure. If you have a partner, it won’t be hard to persuade them to join you for a couple of days on the road, but if you are a loner, the wilderness awaits at any time!

The Thrill of Riding

Riding a big bike is an exhilarating experience and when you happen to be on a long stretch of open road, why not see what she can do? A 1000cc superbike would generate around 120-140hp on the rear wheel, which is a lot of power that must be used with the greatest of care. You will definitely need to start on a small 250cc bike for a while, then after theory and practical tests, you can obtain a full motorcycle licence.


The only downside to big bike touring is you are not offered the same body protection as in a car, which means wearing leather jacket and pants, investing in a top crash helmet, pro-riding gloves and motorcycle boots. Never exceed the speed limits and take some basic riding tuition at the very outset, which will teach you how to control the bike on a range of surfaces and never assume anything regarding other road users. Wear a hi-vis vest and always ride with your headlights on and make sure you have comprehensive insurance.

Physical Fitness

You will certainly ache after a 500km ride and regular riding will tone you up and improve your fitness levels. You’ll be using muscles you didn’t know you had and a full day’s riding will take its toll, but everything is worth it, as you get to see and experience far-off places.

Take the plunge and change your life forever by becoming a big bike tourer and you won’t regret it!

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