The Baked Food Extrusion Process

The food industry is something with a more considerable and regular change in consumer demands. With more and more inventions and health tips pouring through the internet, the world is looking for better food products. The firms involved in this industry are also adapting quick changes to match the needs of its consumer population. In such a world, the term extrusion has a lot to do with people involved in the industry. Although the consumers might not be fully aware of the world, the food processed through dough extruder is quite common today. The many benefits of those food products clearly show the importance of this process in the current days. 

What is extrusion?

Extrusion in the food industry is a process to make different shaped and sized food materials. For this, the dough used to make food gets passed through a shaped funnel. A right level of pressure is applied to the materials to get high consistency and quality. The use of such types of machinery is also every day in other food production units other than bakeries. Cold extrusion with temperature below 40 Celsius is conventional in the baking industry. 

The Dough extrusion process

The extruders used in the baking industry have a lot of components associated with it. The various components added in these machines ensure proper extrusion. The parts of a typical extruder include:

  • The inlet: This is the part through which the dough gets fed into the system. The inlet feeder is mostly conical and is faced downward to take the dough into the machine easily. The only human job included here is to feed the dough through this inlet and switch on the system.

  • Rollers: Rollers added at the bottom of the inlet part helps in feeding the dough into the system properly. The speed at which these rollers move can be customized. Based on the movement of the roller, the dough slowly goes into the system.
  • Pressure Chamber: The rollers will take the dough into a pressure chamber that exerts pressure on the mixture. This part is also responsible for ensuring a uniform amount of dough gets pushed out of the system.
  • The nozzle: This is the part through which the dough exits the system. The end of the nozzle is customizable, and we can change the diameter and way of it. Based on this, the mixture going out will take different forms.

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