The Amazing Health Benefits of Nuts 

Nuts have probably been around a lot longer than we have; indeed, they are nature’s way of seeding life and most are packed with nutrients. Of course, we humans quickly discovered what was edible and what was not and over the centuries, our knowledge of nuts grew.

Here are a few great examples of healthy nuts to include in your diet. 

  • Macadamias – They taste amazing when smoked with hickory or infused with Manuka honey. For the best selection of premium nuts in Australia, check out G I GOURMET NUTS, where you’ll find the best of the best and at affordable prices. These nuts are crammed with vitamins, minerals and fibre; macadamias are known to benefit us in a few ways, weight loss, improved gut health and it is believed they also help to prevent diabetes and heart disease.
  • Cashews – This nut is native to South America and the tree also produces fruit (cashew apple). Cashews contain saturated fats, vitamins, minerals and protein and you will find the best selection at the leading Australian online nut retailer; if you entertain often, buy a bulk pack and your guests will appreciate it. The cashew tree grows to about 15m in height and there are huge plantations in Brazil.
  • Almonds – There are two types, sweet and bitter almonds, with the latter being dangerous due to high levels of cyanide.  Almonds are recommended as part of a healthy balanced diet, they contain protein, vitamins and many essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium. They can be coated in coconut, maple or even honey to provide a tasty appetiser; check out the delicious range of almonds from the leading online nut retailer and order for your next party.
  • Peanuts – The old favourite; they go great with an ice-cold beer or a gin and tonic; peanuts are full of essential nutrients and they come shelled or unshelled and are great when infused with caramel. Salted peanuts have been a staple appetiser for many decades and ever since they were discovered by westerners, peanuts have been in demand.
  • Walnuts – A round, single-seed nut with a hard covering, the walnut has been a firm favourite at Xmas and New Year, every Aussie household would have a bowl of assorted nuts on the table; the online supplier has you covered when prepping for a party; you can place a single order to cover an assortment of premium nuts.
  • Pistachio – Pistachio nuts are a member of the cashew family; high is vitamin, mineral and nutrient content, you will always find this one in a nut assortment and the shell splits down the centre.

Most people love nothing more than eating a few nuts prior to an evening meal and with the online premium nut supplier, you can place bulk orders at affordable prices.

It should be noted that some nuts are toxic if consumed in quantity; it is always best to Google info about a particular nut if you plan to overindulge.

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