Planning A Movie Marathon Of Christmas Movies With Your Friends

When you and your friends love Christmas, an excellent idea to celebrate together is watching a movie marathon of Christmas movies together and enjoying some food and drink while you watch. You can order the best deep-dish pizza in Malaysia, get some popcorn, drinks, and comfortable seats, and spend hours watching your favourite Christmas movies. Below are some tips to help you organise a Christmas movie marathon with your friends and ensure you all have a fantastic time.

Sort Out The Guest List

You need to discuss it with your friends, determine who will join you for the movie marathon, and ensure that you have enough space for everyone. Once you have decided who is attending your movie night, you will need to consider the event and get things ready.

A Comfortable Space For Everyone

You may need additional seats for your movie marathon, and you can get some beanbags or comfortable blankets for people to sit on. Ensure there are plenty of cushions and blankets for everyone so you can all get comfortable watching your favourite Christmas movies.

Deciding What To Watch

You will also want to decide what Christmas movies you will watch, and it is a good idea to have everyone nominate a film which will be attending, and you can then work your way through them all. You will need to ensure you can watch the movie on a streaming service such as Netflix or rent the DVD so you can view them. Some popular Christmas movies you can watch include:

  • Home Alone
  • The Grinch
  • Miracle On 34th Street
  • Love Actually
  • Elf
  • Jingle All The Way

The Food & Drink

Once you have sorted out your movie playlist so you can watch all the Christmas films you want to, you must sort out the refreshments for everyone. You will need to ensure there are plenty of drinks for everyone, and you can get a variety of food and make a buffet so people can as and when they want. Have everyone give some money towards the cost of the food and drink, and you can also have each person nominate a type of food you can all enjoy so everyone is happy with what is on offer.

Now that everything is taken care of for your movie marathon of Christmas movies, the next thing to do is wait for everyone to arrive, and you can begin the event. See how long you and your friends can last, and you can set a time and see if you can beat it next Christmas.

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