Pick the Best Quality Handcrafted Gourmet Pizza

If you want to try out the best Italian recipe pizza, then Letizza Bakery is the perfect place for you. The pizza here is one of the best-handcrafted media. People have always loved pizza which tastes like outside but have a homemade feeling. So, try out the pizza at Letizza Bakery and give yourself the perfect homemade taste you like.

The Handcraft Pizza Store has a variety of service and each one of them is of top quality. They are dedicated to creating the best-frozen pizza base in different sizes to fulfill the customers. The food service products are:

  • High-quality
  • Handcrafted
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Cost Effective

The foodservice range includes prebaked Gourmet pizza bases, gluten-free pizza bases, dough balls, and piadina. The pre-baked pizza bases and flatbreads are easy to prepare. The serving entirely depends upon your taste and imagination. You can prepare the pizza in the way you want. Just order the pizza base from the variety of range and give yourself the homemade pizza taste.

They also prepare rectangle slab bases, i.e. gluten free pizza bases and Letizza Piadina. Both are super delicious but they have added their superlative taste in the Letizza Piadina. It is a thin Italian flatbread with a perfect fill and grill option to give a unique and healthy food option to the customers.

Their main aim is to make the life of chefs easier as they don’t have to spend most of their time in preparing the base. Another great thing about the bases prepared by Letizza is that the products are healthy and they can be kept on the shelf for at least 1 year from the production date. Therefore, without any doubt, the Gourmet quality pizza will be a convenient addition to your menu. There will be less wastage and you will have better control over the stock.

So, whether you simply want to prepare some pizzas for a party or you are a food restaurant, café, or event catering company, Letizza Bakery has the perfect variety of selection for pizza bases to help you cater your events and fulfill your needs.

Perfect results every time is the best quality they have. Their entire range is versatile and incredibly easy to prepare and serve. They have endless topping options that you can try out. They also have a page where you can find great ideas and inspiration for the food items.

The bakery is in the top-rated list of the Australian community. Since the bakery established in 1992, the bakery has done a remarkable job in gathering up the delicate taste and ingredient of Italian recipes and implemented them in the food service. Now, they have expanded their business to New Zealand and South East Asia.

They have other unique products too along with pizza bases. Plus, the bakery is cost effective and you can buy the products at a reasonable price. Once you use the food products, you won’t be able to resist yourself from trying again.

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