Obvious and Non-Obvious Advantages of Organic Food

Organic indicates the way agricultural products are grown and processed. The regulations differ from one country to another. In the US, the agriculture crop grow without employing petroleum-based insecticides, bio-engineered genes [GMOs], synthetic pesticides, and sewage-based manures are termed as ‘ORGANIC’.

The livestock nurtured for dairy products, eggs, and meat must be offered organic feed from outdoor. They must never be given growth hormones, animal by-products or antibiotics. How the food gets farmed or nurtured has a huge impact on your physical and psychological health as well as on the environment.

Obvious and non-obvious advantages of organic food

The farm produces low or no chemicals

Chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides are used widely in conventional agriculture. Therefore, residues remain on or in the food you eat. In organic farming, pesticides are used but the difference is that these are naturally derived and less-toxic in nature. Thus, exposure to detrimental pesticides is reduced, when you choose to eat organic food.

Fresh farm produce

Organic products cannot last as long as it contains no-preservatives. Organic vegetables and fruits are grown on small farms and sold in the local market, so you often get to buy fresh fruits.

For example, Flannerys Organic Food Stores offer customers fresh supplies from local farmers. For 30 years the team has been committed to contributing towards wellness via good food alternatives. The aim is to create a healthy and happy world.

Better practice for the environment

Organic farming is an eco-friendly practice. It reduces soil erosion and pollution. It increases soil fertility and conserves water. Farming without any pesticides is better for people, animals, and birds that live nearby.

Organically raised livestock are dense in nutrients

According to a study, the nutrient levels of livestock raised without antibiotics or growth hormones or animal byproducts were 50% more than conventionally raised livestock.

  • Feeding animal byproducts escalates mad cow disease risk.
  • Antibiotic usage creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains.
  • Generated engineered food or GE or Genetically Modified Organisms are plants with altered DNA used to produce crops that are resistant to herbicides or/and to make insecticides.
  • When animals are given access to outdoor space for moving around freely, it keeps them healthy.

The strong and energetic body

NO or low pesticides, chemicals, or the processed additives averted from your body system means a negligible risk of disorders, illness, and disease. Unhealthy junk food eaten makes you feel gross and tired. Junk food has processed additives like MSG and sugar.

Fortunately, if you switch to organic food the taste may not be good at the start as compared to junk food but soon you will experience the energy that flows making you feel lively and healthy.

Just locate a health food store or you can visit the blog of Flannery’s Organic Store to gain access to the tasty recipes. You can even get to read lots of wellness topics associated with organic and wholefood living.

Peace of mind

Buying organic food will help you enjoy a better life quality. Exploring the joys of life feeling healthy and energetic sounds better, then struggling with obesity, cancer or life-style avoidable disease.

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