New Iron Skillets by SOLIDteknics & JB Prince

Cooking can be real trouble for some people, but with proper utensils and cookware, it can be made fun and easy. This is where the US made JB Prince SOLIDteknics professional iron skillets come in handy. Originally produced in Australia, and now being manufactured in the United States too, these lightweight and highly conductive skillets are sure to make your cooking journey simple and pleasant.


  1.   More conductivity and less weight:The JB Prince SOLIDteknics iron skillet is more conductive than the cast iron skillet, as our wrought iron transfers more heat than the traditional iron steel. This lets the heat transfer evenly and equally to all parts of the skillet base. This skillet is about half in thickness than the regular cast iron skillet, so it also weighs half, which makes it convenient for daily use.
  1.   Durability and versatility: The skillet has no rivets, screws, welds or wobbly handles, as it is made by molding a single flat sheet of metal. This makes it impossible to break and hence it can be passed onto generations. It is also deeper than the regular US-made shallow skillets, which gives you more room to be creative and experimental with your dishes! At the moment, it is available in two sizes: 8” skillet which is 2” deep and 10.5” skillet which is 2.3” deep. These sizes are guaranteed to suit your everyday requirements and demands.
  1.   Nonstick base, heat resistant handle and pouring rims: The bottom of the skillet has a nonstick surface, that too only by natural seasoning, which makes it completely non-toxic. It has no synthetic varnish and is only coated in beeswax, for prevention against rust. This nonstick feature lets you cook your food in peace without needing to worry about cleaning the skillet later. The handles are in one piece while being long and comfortable. They also have ventilation holes to control heating of the handle, so you do not burn yourself while making your favorite meal. The skillet also has in-built pouring rims at the corners to make sure no spillage occurs while transferring your curries and gravies to the serving dish, which results in less mess to clean up after you are done cooking.
  1.   Suitability: Perhaps the most convenient thing about this skillet is that it is suitable for all heat sources and this lets you cook from your comfort zone. It supports all sorts of stoves, including gas, ceramic, halogen and electric. It is safe to use in an oven and also works best on direct heat as well as induction heating.
  1.   Multi-century warranty: The one-piece skillet is indestructible, long-lasting and seamless, due to being crafted out of one solid piece of malleable iron. This is why it has a multi-century warranty, as it will never crack because of impact or excessive heat. Due to it being unbreakable, it will not be disposed of, and your generations will have to wear it through to destroy it. This will bring an impact on our unsustainable consumer habits worldwide, as we will dispose less and reuse more.

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