Make Sure to Try Most Popular Asian Seafood Dishes

All over the globe seafood is quite popular and, in some regions, it is the staple food of the natives. Even diet conscious people prefer to have seafood in their platter. Fish is known to be a source of protein and other nutrients. Hence, many people prefer to include seafood in their diet.

Asian seafood is known to be quite spicy, tangy and with amazing flavors, thus they are quite famous among seafood. While you are planning for try good seafood with delightful taste, then don’t think twice to eat Asian seafood that can be enjoyed in the ambiance of restaurant well-acclaimed like Angry Crab Shack. When you venture into Asian seafood, it is best to know more about some of the most popular dishes.

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Here is a list of Asian seafood that you should never miss:

  • Ebi Furai: People who love to eat prawns can’t miss the dish as it is one of the most popular Yoshoku dishes of Japan.
  • Kaisendon: This Japanese sashimi fish curry compliments the rice. It can be seasoned with other ingredients that are quite nutritious for health.

  • Chili Crab: When you have hot spicy crab in your plate, you are sure to eat more. This national dish of Singapore is of stir-fried crab coveted with spicy sauce.
  • Temaki: It is a popular Japanese sushi considered as a snack as it is a roll of Nori seaweed stuffed with rice, raw fish and fresh vegetables. Mostly available at home food courts and food corners along the street.
  • Chinese mitten crab: It is a meaty Shanghai crab having dark hair large in size. It isn’t seasoned just steamed topped with soya sauce and rice vinegar combination. The crab flesh is said to be different compared to other crab kinds.
  • Asam Pedas: This spicy tangy Malaysian fish dish when eaten with hot steam rice really makes your mouth experience a lot of flavors at the same instant.
  • Ikan bakar: This barbeque dish is mostly relished in Malaysian and Indonesian provinces. Squids, cockles and clams are even part of this dish and thus you have a mix of all sea ingredients in one dish.
  • Pempek: This is in the form of cake made with grounded fish meat and tapioca. This yummy rectangular or round fish cake is a traditional dish of Indonesia.

  • Amok trey: This is Cambodia’s contribution in the Asian seafood platter. This coconut rich fish curry is steamed in banana leaves, hence great flavor of spices can be experienced while eating with main course dish like steam rice or with oven fresh bread.

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