Ignite Your Tastebuds by Dining at The Best Italian Restaurants at Wynwood

Are you craving for some lip-smacking Italian food at Wynwood? Many are of the opinion that Italian cuisine is about only pasta and pizza and they turn to generic pizza stores where pizza doesn’t taste anywhere close to authentic Italian ones. Start by identifying the restaurants that serve authentic Italian food.

Starting your search:

One way to search for Wynwood restaurants and bars is by using Yellow Pages. Else you can look up online for information on local eat-outs. Proceed then by checking the individual websites of the restaurants and read through their online menu.

Ensuring the authenticity of Italian restaurant:

  • Check if the restaurant serves Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar dip. This is no way Italian and none of the authentic Italian restaurants would be serving this with starters. Though Olive oil is their main ingredient, Italians don’t mix it with Balsamic vinegar
  • Are there bread slices in the starter menu list? Usually Italian restaurants serve complimentary bread slices and don’t charge for it. They would have it as a dish in their menu only if the bread is too good.
  • Does it serve pizza with chicken, ketchup or pineapple toppings? Italians don’t top their pizza with meat like chicken breast or roast-beef, pineapple, chorizo and cedar cheese. Keep in mind that ketchup is never added on an Italian pizza.

  • Do they spread tomato or pesto sauce on bread? Pesto is a condiment for pasta in Italy. They aren’t used to dress salads and aren’t spread on breads. Italians serve bread with a dash of extra olive oil and chopped tomatoes.
  • Is pepperoni pizza included in the menu? No authentic Italian restaurant would mention pepperoni in their menu which means pepper in their language. They would use ’salami’ instead.

Now that you have a list of restaurants in hand, you have to find the best one in the area. You need to check out for food’s quality, price and ambience. Go through the online reviews to know more on the taste and quality of the food. Though restaurants serving authentic Italian food may be costly, there are some which are affordable. Ask the locals for recommendations as they would have a better idea.  After finalizing on a restaurant, get to know the dishes they specialize in as you don’t want to miss their best dishes.

Wynwood has some of the coolest restaurants. Enjoy your stay with sumptuous Italian food.

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