How Bad is it to Drink Coffee at Night?

Millions of people are drinking coffee right now. Loads of those people are drinking coffee to give them that kick of caffeine first thing in the morning to help kickstart their day, whilst others are drinking it at night, regardless of the common perception that caffeine is bad for you at night. Is it bad to drink coffee at night though? And what should we be thinking about in terms of quality sleep and wellbeing and the impact that coffee and caffeine can have on our sleep patterns.

Even though we are all trained to subconsciously know that we shouldn’t drink coffee after a certain time of night because the caffeine will stimulate us and keep us awake, the love of coffee draws some of us in so much that we just need that hit, a cup of creamy coffee to relax and unwind with after a hard day of work, even if it does stimulate us. What do the latest studies and scientific research say though about the links between caffeine and sleep? Have we been fed a myth all these years and could really be drinking coffee whenever we like, whether that is at 3am or 10am and any time in between?

A long study that took around 14 years to complete found that a cup of coffee just before bed might not be as bad as we’ve all been taught to think over the years. The participants of the survey were found to suffer next to no interruptions to sleep pattern if they had coffee before bed. This was a complete reverse of those participants who smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol before bedtime. Those people were found to suffer from interruption to their sleep patterns. What the results could mean is that the whole concept of caffeine stimulating your brain and keeping you awake at night is just a myth.

There is a reason why café culture is so big across the entire planet. First thing in the morning right through to the middle of the night, you’ll find coffee shops serving up tasty brews. Whether you are sat in a quaint coffee shop in a small English town, the bustling centre of Manhattan on your way to work and after a quick fix, or you are sat in the middle of the night in one of Cairo’s cafés that never sleep, you’ll know all about your need for that great tasting coffee fix.

Even if you believe it is bad to drink coffee at night, or you want to go decaf and reduce your caffeine intake after certain times of the day, you’ll want to ensure that you have the best quality coffee around. The best coffee shop, whether serving day, night or all day and night, have the highest quality coffee equipment and supplies to benefit from. Whatever your thoughts on what time of day is best to drink coffee, or whether you don’t want to drink coffee at night, what we can all agree on is that you want the best coffee available to you at that very moment.

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