Four Ways to Make the Most Out of your Crab Dinner

There are different kinds of crab in the world that seafood lovers enjoy. But, not a lot of people know that there are many ways to eat crab meat. For most people, it’s just about boiled crab and melted butter; however, some people do not even master this simple approach. Keep reading to learn how to prepare crab for dinner or order crab at your favorite crab restaurant in 85044:

Know How Crabs Differ

Every kind of crab may have sub-categories in their species. For instance, there are a lot of kinds of Alaska King Crab that tend to have different texture and flavor. Knowing such differences will ensure you get or order crabs that suit your taste and avoid spending too much money on an inferior product.

Control the Saltiness

If you prefer to buy frozen crabs, expect that they are pre-cooked since raw crabs don’t hold out well in a deep freeze. However, you still have to heat them before serving them. When buying crabs, ensure you know whether they were cooked in seawater or in plain water with added salt. Crabs that are cooked in seawater, you may not want to add more salt into the mix to avoid amplifying the saltiness. This is also important in terms of adding butter as salted butter can increase the crabs’ saltiness that could make them inedible.

Go More than Just Adding Butter

For many people, crabs are cooked by grilling or boiling them with melted butter. However, there are many awesome ways to enhance the flavor of crabs more just throwing the butter in the microwave. One of these is to throw the butter into a saucepan and adding herbs like rosemary and garlic. Just make sure you do not overdo it to avoid giving it so many flavors that can dominate the crab’s flavor.

Get All the Meat Out

Although you can buy some kinds of crabs sold by the claws or legs, you will want to pick those you can buy by whole clusters. When you get the clusters, ensure you don’t end up throwing away a healthy part of the crab meat. Skipping the body section means skipping on lots of meat. Don’t forget the knuckles since they also have a small amount of meat. This is something you don’t have to worry when you eat at a crab shack since crabs are prepared in a way that you can easily access all the meat.

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