Four Benefits of Eating Duck

If you think that duck is just for special occasions, you will be surprised to know that many people actually eat duck regularly. If you have not tried eating duck before, below are some reasons to eat more of it:

It is Delicious and Nutritious

If you are looking to eat better this year by consuming more protein than other nutrients, then you can get good protein from duck. Duck is lean meat with fat and calories that can compared to a turkey breast or skinless chicken. Also, duck is a great source of zinc and selenium which both promote good cellular metabolism. Compared with other poultry, duck has higher amounts of iron because it is lean meat.

It is a Good Source of Healthy Fat

This fat is a flavourful and healthier substitute for oil in your favorite recipes. It is low in saturated fat and is similar to olive oil, it is the best choice for you if you want to eat a healthy diet. Also, duck fat is full of flavour so using a bit of it can already go a long way in various applications.  You can use the fat for greasing pans, cooking eggs, or frying potatoes. In fact, duck fat can be used as a substitute for butter or shortening in cakes, bread, and sauces.

It can be Easily Used in Daily Dishes

Cooking with duck is not only for professionals and chefs. In fact, you can prepare a delectable duck dish without formal training. Duck can be used in daily dishes and incorporated into a range of flavour profiles. If you are new to cooking with duck, you can start with a quick roasted duck recipe or a simple recipe for seared duck breast with fruit sauce, Also, you can choose convenient duck products already prepared for you to enjoy.

It is the Perfect Protein for any Occasion

Whether you are preparing a special dinner for your family or a game-day snack for your friends, duck is the best protein source. Pick from a variety of products like duck bacon, duck breast, ground duck, and shredded duck meat to come up with the perfect dish. The versatility of this protein source lets you use it in anything from soups to casseroles, finger foods, and salads. Prepare duck for your next family gathering and you will discover how it is to incorporate the poultry into any menu.

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