Fond of Donuts – Learn About the Different Types of Donuts

A donut is a type of confectionery which is sweet and fried. It is popular in many countries and it is considered to be a good dessert. It can be made at home or you can buy it from a bakery. These are so delicious that you can certainly fall in love with donuts.

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Basic Types of Donuts

Chocolate Frosted Donut

This is the best donut for chocolate lovers. It is covered with layers of chocolate.

  • Cinnamon Twist Donuts

This is given shape by hand and is twisted. After this, it is covered with the sugar. You are going to find it in most of the American donut shops.

Strawberry Frosted Donut

These are baked with fresh strawberries and icing is done with the same. The donuts are considered good for breakfast.

  • Old-fashioned Donut

It is called old fashioned because it dates back to the 1830s. Circular in shape and has a large hole in the middle. The donuts are shiny and crunchy on the outside.

Jelly Donuts

These are stuffed with jelly inside and are round with a hole in the center. It is mostly preferred by people during the winter season and autumn as a brunch.

  • Glazed Donut

This is very popular everywhere. These are ring-shaped, with a hole in the middle. Donuts are tasty and the glaze gets stuck to your fingers.

Cream-Filled Donut

These are soft and have a creamy filling. It is made with the vanilla pudding. Firstly, these are deeply fried and after that, the filling is done.

Sour Cream Donut

When the batter of the donut is made, sour cream is put in it. This gives it a moist and yummy taste.

Chocolate Cake Donut

These are so mouth-watering and tasty. These have a chocolate flavor. The outer part has a crispy glaze which imparts its sweetness.


The donuts come in many varieties. A donut lover needs to be aware of the varieties. However, if you have not tasted the above-stated types, you can make a list and check them out at different shops and bakeries and enjoy donuts.

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