Five Ways to Order Chicken Wings Like a Pro

The Super Bowl does not have an official food item but its potential fun runners are chicken wings. This is the most wing-eating-day of the year. But, any time of the year can be a wing season as long as you know how to make your own delicious versions or know where to buy the best wing menus. But, if you are ordering your favorite wings, the tips below can help you make the most of your order:

Choose Between Bone-in and Boneless Wings

These options are both valid and it often depends on your preference. Bone-in wings are excellent options for the purist of the wing-eating population while boneless wings are ideal for those planning to sit in the couch and spend time switching games. The boneless versions are chunks of white breast meat while the dark meat and bones will impact more flavor. In some restaurants, you can get a split of half bone-in and half boneless. This is the best option if you are throwing a party.

Know your Wing Sauces

There are many sauces or marinades that wings can come in. They include BBQ, Korean and buffalo wings. Search for a particular flavor to know if there’s a wing spot which delivers a fun flavor to you.

Take Advantage of Specials

Depending on where you are, a sports bar, restaurant or pub near you may have a weekly wing special. In most places, you can get wings n more. These places may offer a dollar for their wings depending on the day. In fact, others may even add sides such as mozzarella sticks or fries into the mix. Checking specials regularly will help you get more than what you expected.

Pay Close Attention to the Dipping Sauce

Dipping sauces are as important as actual wing sauces. In terms of delivery wings, you can usually order small containers of unlimited amounts of sauces. Just make sure to ask for extra sauce when ordering. Classics such as honey mustard and blue cheese are must-haves. However, you can always try new mixes such as aioli and sriracha ranch. Surveys say that more than 50% of adults prefer ranch dressing for dipping over the conventional blue cheese dressing.

Ask for Extra Napkins

To order wings like a pro, make sure to ask for plenty of extra napkins and wet naps when ordering your wings. You can specify this in the special instructions of your delivery.

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