Different Kinds of Japanese Sushi you Must Know

Sushi is an artistic Japanese cuisine that has been popular around the world. Sushi is made by putting together ingredients like raw fish, seasoned sushi rice, vegetables, and seaweed. It is served with wasabi or soya sauce. These days, sushi has evolved from its origin. It started as a staple dish in different regions in Asia where fermented rice was used for preserving salted fish. The sushi you may get today consists of fresh raw fish that was quickly prepared and meant to be eaten right away.

Japanese Sushi vs. Western Style Sushi

Japanese sushi is different from western style sushi. Although the Japanese sushi is less dressed and focused on more on the fish quality, western style sushi focus more on rolls topped with garnishes and sauces. When you go to a Japanese restaurant, you cannot simply ask for “sushi.” You must pick from the varieties before you order and you need to know what they are before ordering.

Kinds of Sushi

Whether you want to enjoy sushi at one of the best sushi restaurants or have fun making it at home, you want to know the various kinds of sushi:

  • Maki. This is the type of sushi you can visualize when you think about this Japanese food. It is one that made using a sheet of Nori seaweed with seasoned sushi rice, vegetables, and fish inside it. The sushi is rolled using a bamboo mat and every roll offers 6 to 8 pieces of delicious sushi. Maki sushi rolls are likely to vary in style, size, taste, and ingredients.
  • Sashimi. Sashimi is usually referred to as sushi; however, technically, they are not. Sushi consists of seasoned rice that covers fish and other ingredients while sashimi is only the raw fish. Restaurants carefully select their fish for sashimi and slice it in a rectangular way. Sashimi is served with soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi sauce, as side condiments to improve flavor.
  • Chirashi. This Japanese term means scattered. In this style, you can expect to get sushi rice with vinegar mixed with raw fish and other ingredients. Chirashi is easy and quick to prepare and makes a stomach-filling snack. It can have varying toppings, depending on the restaurant and the ingredients available.

  • Nigiri. This sushi style looks different from the traditional form; however, still tastes great. Nigiri is made by rolling a ball of seasoned sushi and topping it with a slice of sushi-grade raw fish. Make sure to eat this by hand to get the best experience.

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