Check out Some of the Best Spots to Grab Your Brunch

One of the best things about Saturday mornings is getting a little extra time to sleep in and then, of course, taking advantage of a late day brunch. Minneapolis has a fabulous brunch scene with options to please everyone from fried-chicken and donut lovers to healthy, granola fanatics.

Weekends are better with brunch plans. Scouring through the brunch Minneapolis for the most exciting weekend menus has resulted in some of the handy restaurants that need to be visited at least once:

  • Martina:

Martina, located in Linden Hills, has one of the best brunches in town along with some of the best brunch cocktails. It’s a great spot for a group brunch so everyone can try multiple dishes. You must order the cheeseburger (that’s not a suggestion, it’s a requirement) along with a side or two of their potato churros. Martina’s crab carbonara and lobster toast are also fabulous.

  • Hi-Lo Diner:

Hi-Lo serves a large variety of brunch food, but their signature dish is a Hi-Top. Hi-Tops are donuts topped with a variety of things (from fried chicken to strawberries and cream cheese.) Mostly everything on the menu is very decadent and heavy, which goes along well with the diner feel of the restaurant.

  • Rise Bagel Co:

Rise Bagel Co. solves the shortage of great, authentic bagel spots. Their bagels are boiled, topped on both sides (game changer), and baked, which results in chewy and crispy bagels. There are plenty of places to sit and relax in the order-at-the-counter space, but it’s also a great place to grab and go.

  • Hola Arepa:

Hola Arepa serves flavorful Latin food in a vibrant atmosphere, and they do brunch as well! They specialize in arepas, which are cornmeal cakes stuffed with delicious fillings such as Spanish sausage, sweet plantains, beans, and spicy sauces.

  • Birchwood Café

Birchwood Café is a lovely all-day neighborhood café that is always packed full of families, couples, and groups of friends. They offer several gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan breakfast/brunch options.

  • Cook St. Paul

They infuse its dishes with major heart and creativity. Many of the dishes feature a Korean twist, a nod to the chef’s heritage. Things like gochu fruit (fruit with lime juice and Korean chilli flakes) and K-Fries (with kimchi, cheese sauce, chiles, and sour cream) are menu items you won’t find anywhere else in town. Chicken & a Cake (organic chicken wings tossed in gochu BBQ sauce on a pancake) are a must order.

  • Hazel’s

Hazel’s is a charming, no-fuss kitchen with big portions and old-fashioned service. Classic comfort food like hash, omelets, and egg sandwiches top the menu, along with the can’t-miss caramel pecan roll.

  • Genevieve

The dishes manage to be elegant yet robust, like quiche with parsnip and butternut squash or tarts with caramelized onion and roasted mushroom. They provide Breakfast cocktails with Champagne, along with freshly made beignets and croissants.

  • Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

They deliver with local Dogwood Coffee and malty waffles with your choice of toppings — baked apples, berries, granola, and chocolate chips.

When having Brunch Minneapolis, you don’t leave the brunch table when you’re full. You leave it when you’ve tamed your hangover, made sense of your night, taken Snapchats aplenty and consumed all of the available carbs. In short, we all freaking love brunch.

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