Avoid Costly Errors For Food Packaging By Using Complete Packaging Solutions

Packaging is one of the essential elements of food safety. Any mistakes in food packaging may lead the people to great health risks. Besides, in terms of costs there will be loss of sales as well as fines or lawsuits can get imposed.

For ensuring optimum food safety, all manufacturers are relying on complete solution for packaging to avoid all the following errors in food packaging by designing suitable custom boxes.


One of the very dangerous mistakes that often takes place is mislabeling during the process of packaging. In the list of FDA food recall list, it has been named as one top reason for getting food recalls.

There is almost regular case of food recall in every week where 1 in 5 food products during every week gets recall because of ingredient labeling mistakes.

For people who have severe food allergies may have to visit for emergency medical treatment just due to one missing ingredient in the list.

In order to prevent such problem, many precise steps are taken to ensure proper and clear labeling of various food products.

Mismatched labels

All the ingredients usually are printed correctly, but due to oversight often labels are attached in the wrong package. All these can pose the same issue as mislabeling. It can threaten the product integrity and puts consumer’s health in risk.

Fortunately, all service providers for contract packaging observe best practices that include designing all visually distinct labels in order to make every mistake easily noticeable.

Contamination from Ink

It is sometimes not possible to use all ink safely for food packaging. Any wrong kind of ink may lead to certain odors and chemicals get transferred into the food. There is also great possibility that the ink may leach through all the packaging material that still contaminates all the food even by not making any surface contact.

Most of the trusted co-packaging companies will take care by procuring only FDA-approved ink to be used in the food packages. There is another alternative to provide will be to use a barrier between food and ink by certain way of doing interior packaging.

External contaminants

Sometimes if contaminants come from certain environment like quite unsanitary packaging surfaces, they may come through even the water or the air used in the commercial food packaging may also introduce such contaminants.

Therefore, it is very critical to select any suitable contract packaging providers who follow very stringent safety standards and quality assurance system to prevent such microbial contamination.

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