5 Foods to Definitely Try When in Miami, Florida

If you are a food lover, you would never miss posting the best pictures of your food on Instagram every time you come across a new mouth watering dish. If you are in Miami or planning to visit, then you should explore the local culinary by all means. Here are the top foods to try in Miami, Florida.

  1. Chicharrón

Brace yourself for abundant Latin America and Caribbean influenced dishes. This very dish is a staple of South American cuisine. It is all a fried pork skin, but know that not all chicharrón are made equal. To try this dish, you can head to Gold Rush Cabaret which serves the most exquisite dishes and drinks. Do check out the Gold Rush Cabaret Picture Gallery.

  1. Stone crabs

This is a seasonal dish that is served everywhere in South Florida restaurants that serve sea food from October to March. This dish is one of the softest and succulent crab meats. This is served cracked and chilled on ice. The stone crab claws may differ in size and its sweet meat needs some seasoning. The best place to try this is at the famous Joe’s Stone Crabs.

  1. Fish sandwich

Miami residents and visitors love the quantity and variety of fish available here for consumption. There is a place in Miami that serves some delicious Mahi Mahi and grouper sandwiches at Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish. If you order it grilled, fried or blackened, know that nothing holds a candle to a freshly cooked grouper fillet in between two baked buns.

  1. Arepas

This is a very famous Latin American food. It is also a very versatile dish, it can be eaten on its own or can be stuffed with meats, cheeses and veggies for a more hearty meal. If you want to try it like a local Miamian, then order your arepa stuffed with pulled pork, avocado and melted cheese. Try this at a little place called La Latina which is famously known for its arepas.

  1. Ceviche

This is not only a famous dish in Miami but all over the world. Miamians want to have ceviche on every menu wherever they go. This dish is made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices like lime or lemon and is spiced with aji or chili peppers. This very dish is perfect to be served in the warm weathers of Miami as it is not cooked which makes it a refreshing dish.

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