1. Consuming too little calories – We live in a world of where we want immediate gratification. If one wants to hit their weight goal, what do they do? Some go for starving, or crash diets that restrict calories which are below their daily energy requirement. There are number of side effects of starvation while dieting like Faintness, Fatigue, decreased Body Metabolic Rate, Electrolyte Imbalance, loss of muscle mass.
  2. Unrealistic goals – We come across people with a set goal of loosing 8 – 10 kg in a month which is probably setting yourself up for failure. If you come up with unrealistic goals, you will ultimately fail and get demotivated. Instead, set realistic goals as it will help you achieve overall health along with ideal weight loss. A realistic goal is vital to successful dieting.
  3. Less water consumption – As we all are aware that water is essential for the kidneys and other bodily functions. Consuming little water may lead to Fatigue, frequent illness, dehydration, hunger pangs, sugar cravings and constipation.
  4. Sipping on calories – We consider a glass of juice as a healthy alternative in the morning, which is not the case. A fruit is made up of fiber, sugars, potassium, vitamin C. When you consume fruit juice we are consuming only sugars while dietary fiber is lost which make one feel full.
  5. Not eating enough protein and fibre – Insufficient protein in diet reduces lean body mass, muscle strength and other body functions. Lack of protein diet, your body will take protein from muscle tissues and use it as energy to support other body functions.

If your diet is low in fibre, your body will take longer to digest, leading to overeating, irregular bowel movements, stomach pain, constipation.

  1. Focusing on scale – Scale is an important and useful tool, but one should look at their body composition too. While we may focus at how many kg’s lost, whats more important is how many fats we are loosing. There is a muscle gain and loss of fat which doesn’t appear on scale.

  1. Relying on crash diets – Crash diet are quick fix which shows results on the scale but they don’t help in a long term. Weight loss during this time is a loss from lean muscle and water, not body fat. High metabolism is a key to loose weight, but crash diets actually lowers your metabolism.

  1. Hidden sugars – We skip cookies, cakes and other sugars to reduce sugar intake, consume number of food which have disguised sugars. Egs granola bar, breakfast cereals, energy drinks, packaged fruits, ketchup, dips and salad dressings.

  1. Not eating enough fats – Too much fat do raise your cholesterol, but small portion of it is required for a balanced healthy diet. Fat is a source of essential fatty acid which body cannot prepare on its own, Also we need fats to absorb our fat soluble vitamins like Vit A , D and E

  1. Lacking Consistency – Consistency is the most powerful tool. Consistency powers you throughout the day so that you can achieve your fitness goal but also making it feasible for you to shift to healthy lifestyle.

  1. Binge Watch –Watch what you binge on. Everybody ruin their diet, Successful dieters get back on track, while struggling dieters will keep ruining it. A successful dieter will have a bad meal and immediately get back on track. One should know that a fitness lifestyle is all about consistency over perfection.

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